Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Mini-Debate on Relevance of Political Science

Statement: Ezra Klein of Washington Post
Poli Sci 101: Presidential speeches don't matter, and lobbyists don't run D.C.
Examples of four good research pieces and complaints about inattention to APSA Sept 2010 meeting by policy-makers.

Rebuttal: Steven Hayward of American Enterprise Institute
The Irrelevance of Modern Political Science
Examples of "trashy" topics and juxtaposition with economic science and criticism of preoccupation with quantiative methods

Re-statement John Sides, a political scientist who contributes to The Monkey Cage blog
On the Irrelevance of Political Science
Criticizes Haywards one-sided choice of topics and his juxtaposition of polisci people with economists and advances explanations for polisci research not being so outspoken and popularized as economics research.

I found good arguements in all three pieces.
Enjoy if you have a professional crisis like I do right now!

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